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Lisa’s firm PARTNERS is a niche visual and performing arts consortium based in San Francisco.

Lisa Coscino


Beginning her career as an intern at MoCA in LA, Lisa’s career in the arts includes working with luminaries, clients and change makers in multiple art mediums. From curating the artwork for the set of the George Lopez TV show to honoring David Hockney at the Hollywood Beautification Team Gala; from participating at the EG Talks to award winning short film making, her talent and tenacity know no bounds. Coscino’s belief that art can change the world by inspiring action, telling tough truths and creating coalitions has lead her to working on social justice projects along side musicians such as Brandon Boyd and Incubus and with diverse partners such as collector Cheech Marin, the Grammy Museum, The Woody Guthrie Center, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, NASA, the Smithsonian and Blue Ocean Film Festival. Through her curatorial efforts, she has championed broad topics such as single use plastics in the ocean, marine mammal conservation, historic preservation, Latinx arts, youth arts and breast cancer awareness.

Among her many accomplishments is the complete relaunch and rebrand of New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU). Completed in 2015, the Silicon Valley museum transformed from a small and quaint local museum to a cultural oasis set in the town of Los Gatos, spearheaded by Coscino. During her more than four and half year tenure as Executive Director, she presented more than 50 exhibitions, raised over $1.5 million dollars and, most importantly, launched a museum that engages an experienced museum audience as well as a new millennium of museum-goers through insightful, comprehensive exhibitions that are plugged into current issues, conflicts and ideas.


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