Bernard Trainor was raised on the Mornington Peninsula along Australia’s rugged South Eastern Coast near the city of Melbourne. It was here that he developed a lasting awareness and appreciation of the potent landscapes that inspired him to pursue a career in art and design.

Bernard arrived in Northern California over twenty years ago where he is the founding principal of Ground Studio, which has evolved into the fifteen person landscape architecture studio based in Monterey and Napa.

The studio’s designed landscapes are featured in the 2014 Princeton Architectural Press published monograph ‘Landprints’ and the upcoming ‘Ground Studio Landscapes’ (in May 2019) and these can be seen on his website

Drawing on thirty-five years of passionate commitment to the study and practice of landscape design, Bernard approaches his art works through a personal lens of unique observations of both wild and built landscapes throughout the world. His art is focused on the lasting images he absorbed living on the edge of the Australian and Californian coastline; these experiences have formed a distinct point of view.

In practice, the geographical diversity of his education and career cultivated a deep appreciation for California, where he currently lives.

“Whilst traveling I soon discovered my favorite art, architecture and landscapes are deeply connected to the place from which they have grown.”

This simple observation and a keen awareness of the regional context inform all my work. This is my inspiration… Place-driven art and design…

I have learned of myself that I am fascinated with distinct patterns on the land that were created by natural occurrences in that particular place – The authenticity and truth behind these patterns are a repository of meaning. Working in these dry climates I see distinct seasonality that provides ‘fertile’ conditions to accentuate and elevate these landscape patterns.

Working in any medium that will express a memory I have, my approach is to interpret and abstractly represent memories and interactions with landscapes where I have lived for the past 50 years. These interactions can be personal, overwhelming, lasting, fleeting, fulfilling, and above all else, humbling.

Each landscape affects me in completely different ways, largely dependent on my attitude in that particular moment – What am I bringing to this
particular place and what am I taking away?

Rather than any futile attempts at replicating what I see and what I feel, my abstract art emphasizes natural patterns that appear strikingly deliberate in response to local ecologies, climate and geology – Things are simply where they’re meant to be.

My intention is to create my art this way – Clearly…and Absolutely essential.